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1 player, 1 ball & a wall

This video/DVD demonstrates 27 exercises
individual athletes can practice by themsleves.
These will help to improve upper body strength, ball skills,
ambidexterity, reactions, landing and footwork skills.

The exercises can be performed either in a sports hall, at home up against the house or garage wall, and can also be incorporated into squad training sessions.

Highly successful TeamBath Coach and England U21 Coach
and ex England International player

Jess Garland

The cards accompanying the video have a brief description of the exercises.

18. back spin
This is an excellent exercise for all you shooters to help with that little bit of back spin you need when you are shooting.

Try to keep your arm fairly straight and bend your elbow and flick your wrist. See if you can send the ball up vertically and catch it in your hand without having to change it's position.

Sarah back spin

Many thanks for the DVD, which is excellent.
It's great being able to go directly to the routine I want using the Index.

Pat Martyn Smith
Lancing College Netball Coach

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