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This Month's Tip:
this is especially for the coaches that have attended the England Netball Ball Skills workshop.

Previous "Tips of the Month"

How Sue Hawkins splits her court

Quarter time team talk sheet

The Chase

Defensive Stance

3 stages of defence

One of the Sydney Swift's Warm Up Routines

Another Centre Pass move This one is from England's 1st Test against Malawi, in Sheffield.

DigiNetball (click to go to one of the movies)
by Joyce Brown and Vicki Wilson

Quoting from the Coachwise catalogue:-
"Interactive netball-specific CD-ROM from 2 of the greatest names in Australian netball. Containing over 240 coaching drills and routines,
supported by movie clips, accurate colour diagrams, plus more than 250,000 words of explanation.
DigiNetball is ideal for any teacher or coach teaching netball at any level.
Each drill can be viewed, saved to set routines, printed or customised to meet your own needs".

If you click Coachwise and go to Netball, you will see it advertised.
Compared to other resources, it is quite expensive, at £79.99 plus p&p, but it's good, it's very good.

Netball Coaching DVD from England Netball & UKCC
click here to go to the England Netball website (click on Shop and then England Netball Shop)

Proprioception and balance work

Rotation in the shooting circle

Drive - Catch - Turn - Release, and now introduce a DEFENDER

Drive - Catch - Turn - Release
"STITCH" (click here)
An excellent article outlining what Stitch is; how to prevent it; what to do if you get one.

The Netball Handbook by Jane Woodland

click here to find details of where you can buy this excellent book.
One of the best Netball books I've read in ages.

"Speed and Agility" from Winchester Extension Centre

Warm Up Exercises from Denise Ellis

Flying for it

Feeding the Shooters

Defensive work

Reflective Practice

Diagonal run making substantial ground


Parallel pass - centre pass

Triangular feeds for Shooters

Another Mid Court Routine from the Swifts

Movement Routine for your Shooters

2 exercises to help your Defenders improve their intercepting techniques

Another great Change of Direction Routine

One of The Sydney Swifts Warming Up Routines

Change of direction

Centre Passes - Defensive Strategies

Shooters' Set Play from Sideline Throw In

Screening at a Centre Pass

Playing the Game - Liz Ellis's excellent netball book

Side Line Throw In

Shooters' Statistics Sheet

Another Centre Pass move!!

One of the Sydney Swifts' Centre Passes

Defence of Opponents' Centre Pass

GD to GA Centre Pass move

Fitness & Interception


Decision making

Session Planner Sheet

Observation & Analysis Sheet

Centre Pass - Australia v South Africa test series 2003

Peripheral vision

Feeding between the Shooters - POPPING

Sprinting Set Play - No.2

One of the exercises from WARM UP ROUTINES & PRACTICES NO.2

One of the exercises from WARM UP ROUTINES & PRACTICES NO.1

Circle Work for GK/GD

Feeding the Shooters - Stepping Forward

Back line pass No.2

Centre Pass No.3

Moving ball down the centre of the court

Zonal Attacking Play



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