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One of the Syndey Swifts' Centre Passes

Syndey Swifts are one of the 8 teams that play in the Commonwealth Bank Competition in Australia. They are full of Australian International players and are currently leading the league.

This Centre Pass is from their game against the Perth Orioles, last year.

• Not sure why the Orioles defence had the GD and WD on the WA!!

Description of move

• WA receives ball going to her right
• GA drives down left hand side of court and receives ball from WA
• GA passes to Centre on the other side of the dee
• C passes to GS who shoots and scores

Coaching Points

• WA lands on her right foot and turns inwards
• Quick pass
to the GA
• C sprints to right hand side of dee and passes a quick ball to the GS
As the commentator said, "quick hands from the C"



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