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15th July 2002

Moving ball down centre of the court

Description of move

• The main object of this play is to move the ball down the centre of the court
• The players set up as shown and drive into the centre of the court towards their own shooting circle
• If the GK passes to the WD first, then the GD would drive forward to receive the next pass
• The GS can dodge left or right, or can hold her space

Coaching Points

• Timing here is very important. Don't go too early and a dodge might be required to lose the defender
Encourage your players to land on the foot furthest away from the thrower. This will assist their landing
and should make passing the ball to the next player easier and quicker
• the" Plus Sign" routine on "Warm Up Routines & Practices No.1 is a good exercise to practice this skill
The ball needs to be passed in front of the player so that she can drive onto it

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