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This is one of the routines Jan Crabtree did with the Netball South PDP athletes.
Jan had worked on the players turning quickly, using a pivot or a jump turn and releasing the ball quickly. She now wanted the players to combine the skills they had praticed using this game like routine.

The Worker W passes the ball to one of the R's on the third transverse line,
she then drives forward to receive a return pass.
The Worker can turn by either:-
a) pivoting, by landing on her outside foot and turning away
b) jump turn, ie jumping up to catch the ball, turn whilst in the air and land facing the other R's.

You can start off with the other R's remaining stationary, so the W has a "stationary" target to hit, and
then progressing to the R's going out sideways along the back line and then cutting back, so the W has to "hit" a "moving" target.

There are loads of things to look out for here:-

• The quality and accuracy of the pass
Is the ball being passed into the space the W is sprinting into so that pivoting
on the outside is made that much easier?
Is it a hard and fast pass?

• How quickly can the W accelerate?
• How quickly can the W turn and face the players who are going to receive the next pass?

• The timing of the moves by the R's.
• The timing of the drive from the W.
• What type of passes are they using?
• If the W wants to turn in the air, does the placement of the pass need to be different from the one
where she is pivoting on the outside foot?

You can make the practice perscriptive, ie tell the W who she has to receive the ball from and who she has to pass it to.
You can then ask the W to make up her own mind.
You can also ask the R's to sometimes go out and back. If one goes and the other doesn't, then the W has to
pass to the R who has made the move, ie introducing an element of decision making.

The possibilities are almost endless. Be creative!! Let your mind run free!!

One of the good things here is that the players are working down the court, ie as in a game, and not, as we sometimes
have them doing, (because of numbers and lack of space), working across the court.

Next month I'll show you how Jan started the session and how she introduced a defender.

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