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This is a practice that includes 3 stages of defence, based around a centre pass.

Stage 1 - intercepting the ball at the receiving end, ie the WD goes for the pass from the C to the WA

Stage 2 - recovering from the missed interception to 3' and attempting to intercept the pass at the throwing end, or to get the ball lifted, so that defenders behind can go for the interception.

Stage 3 - delaying the drive to the circle edge by stopping the front cut and "pushing" the WA wide to the
side of the court, and then turning inwards and going for the interception.

You can either use 3 or 4 players.
If it's 3, then it'll be C, WA and WD.
If it's 4 then it'll be C, WA, WD and GA.

Set up as a normal centre pass with the WA on the outside of the WD.
The C can either step forward "into the centre circle" to initiate the practice, or she can toss the ball to herself.
•The WD contests the pass very strongly. She needs to attack the ball NOT the player, ie she needs intercept the ball well infront of the WA.
• If unsuccessful, the WD quickly recovers to 3' (or more) and "threatens" the pass.
• Make sure the WD's body is "angled" at 45 to the WA, with the right shoulder leading, not at 90. At 90 the WD is not threatening the WA at all!!
• Depending on the number of players, if it's 3, then the C drives straight forward to take the pass from
the WA, or if it's 4, the the WA passes to the GA.
• The WD then has to stop the WA driving towards the circle edge, ie cutting in front of her, and force her to the side of the court.
• As the WA passes behind the WD, the WD turns inwards, stays tight on the WA and intercepts the pass!!

Coaching Points and skills required
• Speed off the mark - lots of speed and agility work. GO for the interception.
• Quick recovery to 3'.
• Threaten the pass AND the player.
• Ability to jockey the WA so that she has to change direction and hence slow her down
and stop her front cutting and hitting
the circle edge. Good agility, quick feet.
• Keeping both the ball and the WA in vision.
• Staying very tight on the WA once the WA has been forced behind her.
• Good catching skills and body control.

This same practice can be set up on the other side of the court, but this time it's GD against GA!!

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