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One of Sydney Swifts Warming Up Routines

Diagram 1
The 2 lines of players line up either side of the post, with feeders on the third line.
W1 and W4 sprint out at 45 to receive the ball and return it to the feeder, (passes 1 and 2).
W1 and W4 then sprint into the middle, don't receive the ball and change direction.

Diagram 2
F1 and F2 now pass the ball to W1 and W4 (pass 3).
F1 and F2 now go out to their left and right respectively, receive the ball from W1 and W4 (pass 4)

Diagram 3
W1 and W4 take the place of F1 and F2 and receive the ball from F1 and F2, (pass 5).
F1 and F2 join the end of the lines and W1 and W4 now become the new feeders and the routine continues.

Coaching Points
Everything is done at pace.
• Most of the passes are one handed, either shoulder or hip.
• The change of direction is quick, with the outside foot planted firmly for a strong push off.
• When W1 and W4 receive the ball at the feeder position, they need to jump in the air so they receive the ball facing the next workers.
• Change over sides, so both lines practice receiving the ball going out to their right and left.

Diagram 1 Diagram 2 Diagram 3
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