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Peripheral Vision

This is a "fun" exercise to increase your players' peripheral vision

Work in 3's. 2 Attackers. one of which has the ball and the Worker (Defender).
The Defender marks one of the Attackers infront and with her body at such an angle that she can
see the Attacker she is marking and the other Attacker, who has the ball.

The marked Attacker moves her right hand around (this is when the Defender is marking on the left side of the Attacker)
and the Defender uses her right hand to copy the movements of the Attacker.

Whilst this is happening the Attacker with the ball moves it round, high low, left and right,
and the Defender has to follow the path of the ball with her left hand.


Coaching Points

Start off so that the two Attackers are easily seen by the Defender.
• Start off fairly slowly with the movements.
• Gradually increase the speed at which the hand and ball are moved.
• Gradually increase the angle between the two Attackers, so that the Defender's field of vision has to get wider.
• Change over the side the Defender is marking the Attacker on, so she has to use her other hand.

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