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Proprioception and Balance work

These are one of the big areas we are asked to work on in our Extension Centres, and they all revolve around the athletes having very good CORE STRENGTH,
hence the need for the athletes to be working on their core strength at least 4 times a week!!


1 worker, 2 feeders, 2 balls
The worker has to hop from one foot to the other and catch and return the ball one handed to the thrower.
They are not allowed to put the other foot down.
Land on the left foot, return left handed.
Land on the right foot, return right handed.
The throwers are about 3m apart, facing the worker, and about 3m from the worker.
Work for 30 seconds and change athlete.
How many reps you ask your players to do will depend on their fitness and strength.
It's vitally important that the feeders give a sufficiently wide pass so that the worker can catch and return the ball with arms outstretched.

If you don't have sufficient balls, then work in 2's with 1 ball.

Again 1 worker and 2 throwers, but this time only 1 ball is required.
The feeders face one another and the worker faces one of the workers.
The feeders are about 6m apart.
The aim of the exercise is for the worker to receive a high ball, catch it with 2 hands and land, balanced, facing the other feeder.
She then passes the ball to the other feeder and repeats the exercise.
Ensure the knees are bent on landing and that the body is kept upright.
What we are looking for here is for the athlete to land without any readjustment of her feet. A soft balanced landing.
The athletes will probably have a preferred way of turning. Make sure they turn in both directions.
Again how many turns and how many reps will depend on their fitness and strength.

A progression is for the athlete to pass the ball to the other feeder before she lands.
What some of them might do is to deflect the ball, one handed. This is what we don't want them to do.

They should have 2 hands on the ball and try and "hang" in the air, turn and face the other feeder before passing the ball.

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