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Went to a super coaching session organised by Zaya Morris (who is the Avon Netball Development Coordinator).
Tamsin Greenway and Billy Bowers, from TeamBath were our tutors
, and they did some great work for shooters.
One of the areas I'm sure we would all like to improve on is how our shooters can work with one another, and the various options we/they can employ,
ROTATION being an obvious one.

In the past, I've worked using cones. Tamsin suggested we try something different.
• 2 shooters in the circle, each has a ball.
• 3 feeders on the outside of the circle, 2 either side and one at the top.
• The shooters could pass to however they liked, but they weren't allowed to pass the ball back to the feeder who had fed them.

Well it was quite remarkable. Almost immediately the 2 shooters started to rotate around one another.
They had to be aware of where the other shooter was (peripheral vision) and to keep their eyes on the balls, which meant they couldn't turn their back to the feeders,
so if they did need to clear, they had to clear with their bodies facing down court, which is what we want them to do.

Tamsin suggested the shooters didn't pass their balls at the same time, and this help them with their decision making, who to pass to and where to go.

She also told us coaches "to let the players DO IT". They would discover what was the best way to perform the rotation and
they would learn so much more from them owning the session.

The next progressin was to put 3 balls in. This meant the shooters had to move at different times and 1 shooter needed to be a leader and the other a reactor.
It was fascinating to see how quickly the 2 shooters were able to react off one another and how well they performed the rotation.

To progress the practice you could introduce 1 defender, then 2 defenders. You could even see whether the 2 shooters could cope with 3 defenders.
Something I've seen TeamBath do.
You might want to experiment with the number of balls you have working.

Whether you would want to introduce defenders to mark the feeders I will leave to you.

A simple practice, but one that worked so well and so quickly.

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