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Feeding the Shooters - Drawing Defenders off the Shooter
This is another example from the quite excellent video from New Zealand "Shooting for Excellence"
I'm not sure where you can get a copy from now, maybe someone can lets us know.
If you want a shooting video, then this is the one I would recommend.
We use it all the time.

This is another method of getting the ball to the shooter, close to the post.

1. The GA drives into the circle
2. The WA (or C) fakes a pass to the GA
3. The GA continues her drive, thus drawing one if not both defenders with her
4. The WA (or C) is now able to feed the ball to the shooter, who is standing free under the post

This is a fine example where a player does something for the good of the team.
Sometimes I feel the shooters are in competition with one another to see who can score the most goals.
Here the GA is making a drive that will draw the defence away and leave her shooter partner undefended.

Coaching points
The GA and WA (or C) have to convince the defenders that the GA is going to get the ball.
The drive from the GA has to be positive and she could even ask for the ball.
The GS has to have the confidence to hold her ground, and wait for the ball to be passed to her.
The pass from the WA (or C) has to be high enough, so as to clear the defence should they start to come back on the GS

Give it a go. I'll be giving some more tips for shooters later on this month.


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