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Example 1
Example 2

"Flying for it"
Here we have a couple of examples of players "flying for it"

Example 1
The defender D is tight marking A1 so that T feels she cannot pass the ball to A1
D is "offering" the pass to A2, and goes for the interception from T to A2.

There are various ways you can get D to set up:-

1. Start by facing forward and to the left, thus making the drive to the ball easier.
2. Face directly forward, which will mean having to turn before driving for the interception

3. Almost face mark A1. This will make the pass to A2 even more tempting for T, but means D will "have to sort her feet out"

Example 2
This is very similar to Example 1, except this time A2 is on the move.
Our "flying defender" is looking to intercept the pass from T to a moving A2.

Again D can set up in various ways and T can throw different types of passes - chest, high floaty passes. Be imaginative!!

Variations and Coaching points
Start off by making sure D succeeds, and then make it more difficult for her, by changing her starting position
and varying the types of passes used.

A1 can start off being static and as D grows in confidence, A1 can start to move, thus making D's marking job much more difficult.

If D goes too early, T can throw to A1. Can D recover in time to make the interception from T to A1?

I'm sure you can come up with a lot more variations.

One of the main coaching point is that D has to be BRAVE, and is able to SPRINT quickly and LAND safely.
No point intercepting the ball, if on landing your player footworks.
Timing here is very important. Go too early and T can feed A1. Go too late and the interception is missed.

A game situation for Example 1 is where the GK comes off her GS and flies for the interception from say GA to WA.
For Example 2 it could be an interception by your C of a pass from the opposition's GD to WD

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