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Movement Routine for your Shooters

The Shooter starts by the post.
Sprints to markers
A, B and C.
Receives the ball at C and returns it to the feeder.
The Feeder gives a dropped ball at D
The Shooter returns the ball.
The Shooter then clears around marker E and sprints towards the post.
Receives the ball and shoots

Coaching Points

Ensure the shooter changes direction at the markers using her outside foot to push off on.
• When she clears around marker E she must not turn her back on the ball.
• When she receives the ball to shoot, see if she can land on the foot furthest away from the feeder.
• This will help her to get closer to the post.
• The shot has to go in before she can repeat the exercise.

Repeat the exercise 3 times on each side of the post.

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