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2 exercises to help your Defenders improve their intercepting techniques

Exercise 1
The players work in 2's. 1 defender, the other the thrower.
The defender sprints forward at 45, right and left, catches the ball and returns it to the thrower.
The defender always returns to the same point before sprinting out for the ball.

Exercise 2
Figure of 8
In 4's.
1 worker, 1 thrower and 2 posts.
The worker intercepts the ball well infront of the 2 posts.
Having intercepted the pass, the defender returns the ball to the thrower and continues with her Figure of 8.

Coaching Points and things to look out for.
Good sprinting technique. For Exercise 1 try using the "falling forward" technique.
• Good acceleration and good use of the arms.
• A well controlled landing.
• A quality pass back to the thrower.
• There is no need to hurry these exercises. Quality not quantity.
• Make sure the defender attacks the ball NOT the player.

Exercise 1 Exercise 2
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