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Defensive Work

Whilst tidying up my many files, I came across the below.
It was a session I did with one of the potential England players, a few years ago.

All fairly simple, but demanding, both physically and technically.

1. Warm up and stretch. (you to decide what form the warm up should take)
2. Snatch balls in, high, low, right and left. Can be 2 handed or a one handed hook
3. 2 footed take off, coming forward, going back straight, going back on an angle, head looking forward
4. Figure of 8 around cones, accelerate and get interception
5. As 4. but this time mark one cone and then go for interception at other cone, ie inviting diagonal pass
6. Work with "yellow heavy ball" and then with ordinary ball - the difference is amazing
7. The cross, out to the points of a compass, receiving the ball in the middle. Work for 30 secs and rest for 30 secs. See how many reps can be done!! THINK ABOUT DIFFERENT FOOTWORK PATTERNS.
8. Coming from the side and push back bounce pass. Only move outside foot. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO HERE?
9. Stand on 1 foot and push the ball back with opposite hand, ball passed out to the side. Repeat on other foot
10. As 9. but use reverse hand to push the ball back


This formed the basis of the session, and we added to it and amended it as we went along.

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