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SAGGING !! (dropping back into a space, to intercept the pass).

Figure 1
• Start off with 1 Defender and 1 Attacker
• The Attacker holds the ball and the Defender marks it from the correct distance, ie 0.9m (3')
• The Attacker passes the ball over the Defender to land in the space behind
• The Defender uses good footwork to drop back quickly to catch the ball before it lands

Figure 2
• Increase the Attackers to 3, and add another Defender
• The seconder Defender calls "drop left" or "drop right", depending on which
of the Attacker's is making a move for the ball

Figure 3
• Here the GK is forcing the GS to her right, and is offering a possible pass from GA to GS
• The GD starts off marking the shot
. say for 1 second,
and then as the GA passes to the GS, she "sags back" for the interception

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
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