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Speed and Agility from Winchester Extension Centre

I hope Jan doesn't mind me including one of the exercises from their training night.

Players line up in 2 lines. 1 ball.
Players chest pass the ball between them as they side step to an imaginery line
at the top of the dee, and then back to the base line.
Once there, the ball is pass to the next 2 players.
The first 2 players then sprint to the 1/3rd line and back.
Whilst they are sprinting, the next 2 players start their side stepping.

4 Reps for each group of athletes

Coaching Points
Small quick side steps.
Sharp flat chest passes.
Good sprinting technique.
Fast change of direction at 1/3rd line.
Ensure when making return sprint to get out of the way of the next 2 athletes
who are side stepping, ie think and keep heads up.

Quality pass to next 2 athletes.
Encourage one another!!


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