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Fitness & Interception

Description of move

• Players work in 3's. 2 feeders and 1 worker
• W starts in the middle of the F's and passes the ball to to F1
• She follows the ball and tips the ball back to F1 whilst she is still in the air
• W then sprints to point X whilst F1 passes the ball to F2
• W then changes direction and sprints to intercept the pass from F2 to F1
• W then passes the ball to F1 and repeats the exercise

Coaching Points

• The most difficult pass is F1 to W when W attempts to tip the ball back whilst she is still in the air
• Younger players may find this difficult so get F and W to give a chest pass
• See which is the best way for W to turn when sprinting to X. You want her to keep her eye on the ball all the time
• Make sure W pushes off with the correct foot when she changes direction. This will depend which way out she goes, left or right

You can decide how many repetitions your players perform, depending on their age and fitness
• Have W go out to her left and to her right


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