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Warm Up Exercises from Denise Ellis

Denise ran 2 brilliant coaching sessions for the Hampshire PDP athletes.
This was one of her Warm Up's.

Each athlete has a ball.
Jog around whilst tossing the ball in the air.
On the whistle, the athlete stops, puts the ball on the floor and then picks up another ball.

Continue jogging and tossing the ball.
This time the coach calls "ROLL" the ball to another player.

The third change is for the athlete to "PASS" the ball to another athlete.
Players have to be very aware of each other. Good for spacial awareness.

The athletes can then do various foot patterns, whilst tossing the ball:-
side step, changing leading shoulders.

Then pass the ball around the body whilst jogging, skipping, side stepping.
Make sure they go around both ways with the ball.

Use just the tips of the fingers to juggle the ball whilst jogging etc.

Juggle the ball whilst doing stretches, hamstring and groin.

In middle third, jog and toss. On whistle, balls are placed on the floor.
Athletes have to sprint to either transverse line. Whilst they do this, one ball is removed
and athletes have to sprint back to pick up a ball.
One player will not have a ball !! Could have forfeit. 5 star jumps, push ups, etc
Continue till only one ball left, or when coach says "STOP".


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