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Screening at a Centre Pass

The GA screens the GD and the WA comes around from her side of the court to receive the ball from the C.
The GA can then offer for the next pass, or the ball can come back to the C.

The same thing can be done on the other side of the court with the WA screening the WD and the GA comes around for the centre pass. The WA can offer for the next pass.

You could involve the attacking GD or WD in the move. They take the ball from the WA or GA. EXPERIMENT!!


Experiment with the way the GA/WA screen. Do they face mark or do they have their backs to the defending player?

The WA/GA will have to make their drive before the whistle goes. otherwise they may not get over the transverse line before the 3 seconds whistle goes.

Do the GA/WA receiving the next pass pivot outwards or inwards before they make their drive for the ball?


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