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I've been talking to one of our players who's in one of the South Region's Talent and Performance Centres and they have been working on
"DEFENSIVE STANCES" and the type of stance the GK and GD might think of taking up when they are zone defending in the circle.

One of those things you tend to take for granted, and probably don't think will make much of a difference, but having worked through it myself, it
does make the movement in the circle that much easier.

So, pretend you're a boxer!! Stand as though you are leading with your left hand, (to hit your oppenent - not literally). You naturally will have your left hand and left foot forward. If you now are a southpaw, ie lead with your right hand, then it's right hand and right foot forward.

Right, now start to move backwards and forwards. You can push off either the front or back foot, and the moment is very easy!!

So we all now need to become boxers and as Caroline has just said, we can get our players to skip with this stance, so not only are the players working on their movement skills, but also it will improve their CV fitness.

What about the sideways movements you cry. Well again, have a go. You can push off either foot, and the big plus for me is that you are always looking down court, looking for that interception, hungry for the ball.

Sometimes the simplist ideas are the best.

Investigate various ways of moving backwards. Slipping, running, and have the player jump for that interception. See if she can come off 2 feet, as this will give her twice as much power and will probably stop her contacting the shooter.


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