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Thinking of taking the new UKCC Level 1 or Level 2 Award
and want some ideas for your training sessions,
then look no further than our 3 netball dvd's

and still we have this

3 dvd's for the price of 2

Order all 3 of our dvd's and only pay for 2

See the dvd page for details

Warm Up Routine & Practices No.1
Warm Up Routines & Practices No 2
1 Player, 1 Ball and a Wall


Old "Tip of the Month"

DigiNetball (click here to go to one of their video clips)
This links in nicely with the
3 Stages of Defence
It shows Stage 1, ie going for that interception !!

One of my netballing colleagues at Portsmouth Grammar School
showed me what this resource can offer and it's excellent.
Not only does it have the usual diagrams for the drills and practices,
but it also has video clips showing that particular routine.
You can make session plans, which also include the movie clips.

If you click Coachwise and go to Netball, you will see it advertised.
Compared to other resources it is quite expensive, but it is good, very good.


Netball Coaching DVD from England Netball & UKCC

England Netball and UKCC have produced a really exciting DVD for all you coaches at the Level 1 and Level 2 stage of your
netballing careers.
The DVD has sections on
Movement: Catching: Throwing: Attacking: Shooting: Defending: Game Play
These sections are broken down into more detail with athletes showing how to execute the skill.
Then there is footage from the Superleague final between Mavericks and TeamBath
showing the players performing these skills during the game.

Go to England Netball's website and click on Shop, England Netball Shop and there you will find the dvd.

Here's another book I would highly recommend
Specialist Skills - The Complete Series

It's by Gillian Lee, one of Australia's top coaches.
She has been producing first class resources for many years now.
Click on the above title or book to go to her website.
or click on

www.netballzoneuk.com where you will find Gillian's book for sale.
You can either buy the complete series or the 3 books individually.
The 3 sections are for:
Shooters, Mid Court and Defenders
The routines and practices are very clearly presented.
A superb resource.

Another one of my old "Tip of the Month"
Buy "The Netball Handbook" by Jane Woodlands
It's brilliant. If you're serious about your coaching then
you need to buy this book.

Available from Coachwise.

Search on Netball and it'll take you to the page.
Whilst your on Coachwise's web site, have a browse through to see all the other
material they have on offer. Well worth the time.

We've been working with

and in particular with Melissa Mantle, who is a Senior Lecturer in
Physical Education at the University of Chichester.
Between us, we have produced 2 dvd's, entitled:-
"Skills and Drills in Striking and Fielding Games
- through the context of

One dvd shows how to coach the skills,
the other gives numerous practices you can use
to implement these skills.
Contact Kay Price on 01403 252419 for more information about the DVD's and about STOOLBALL.

is now part of the National Curricullum,
and the sport has, at long last been recognised by Sport England !!



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